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Because you’ve genuinely stopped engaging with the movie long before that. And instead, have dedicated your viewing experience to «beating» it. No one is sitting here saying that the movie NEEDS to be that length or else the movie will factually suck . I’m sure we will all watch the movie regardless of how long it is.

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And as I said in another thread, they once sinned Blade Runner for «being set in fotos de miren ibarguren the future but looking old». There’s nitpicking, and there’s missing the entire artistic point. The thing that most surprises me about them is that they’re actually pretty honest more or less. I have yet to watch anything from CinemaWins, so I won’t say anything good or bad concerning that channel.

  • In Brand Sins’s videos, they discuss the sins of brands and industries all over the world, such as Walmart and McDonalds.
  • He doesn’t give a fuck about the movie, he has no interest in it.
  • One of my favorite horror movies and one of my favorite channels on YT.
  • It feels like all the love for that movie went into the Luke/Kylo plot.
  • Usually, at the end of a sins video, audio from other TV shows, films or songs with similar themes or motifs will be played over clips from the film.
  • I periodically watch CinemaSins either for movies I particularly like, or movies that are particularly bad.

Oh well, I won’t bother you anymore with comments. I just wanted to get one last jimmie in. This movie wants to imply life-or-death consequences, but only has the balls to do so via an unimportant non-beloved character. CinemaSins is a YouTube channel best known for their «Everything Wrong With» series, where they go through popular movies and point out flaws that they add to a «Sin» counter. According to them, their content is satire, and anything they get wrong is done purposefully as a joke.

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This is all well documented in bobvids’ main CinemaSins Is Terrible video and his specific «Everything wrong with everything wrong with» response videos. Bobvids even does CinemaSins’ job better than CinemaSins, catching a whole bunch of nitpicks that CinemaSins missed. «Tomorrow’s sins video has a brand spanking new video intro. (Both @tvsins1 and @MusicVideoSins have new videos out already that have the new intro, FYI). But also tomorrow’s sins video is pretty funny, if I do say so myself. And I just did.». The very first video for The Amazing Spider-Man does not have the tagline; starting from The Avengers, the tagline was introduced and it had been used in every episode since. On October 10, 2015, Scott created a video on his personal channel, regarding Screen Junkies and their new series «The Review Crew», alleging plagiarism of his own review format at the time due to similarities.

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In one case, Hobbs & Shaw was initially selected for the video on November 21, 2019, but was delayed until January 21, 2020, and was shortly replaced by another film Planet Hulk. Jeremy Scott (born May 17, Nashville, Tennessee) is best known as the voice of the Everything Wrong with… He started the channel with his good friend Chris Atkinson in 2012 and who he first met while both worked as managers for a movie theater in 1999. «Movie Recipes» is the third series started by CinemaSins, wherein a food item is made to taste exactly like a movie.

He appeared on Honest Trailers, which are generally liked even by filmmakers, because their videos aren’t largely based on willful ignorance. CinemaSins claims that these are jokes, but there’s no way to know they are fake unless you’re very familiar with the movie. How can it be a intended as a joke if 99% of the audience won’t even realize the nitpicks are manufactured? The real way you know this isn’t actually satirical is that the guy behind CS has filmed his real reaction to things and the points are exactly the same. I never really got into CinemaSins myself but after today, YouTubers chastising CinemaSins is one of my favorite YouTube genres. This guys videos do a fantastic job of breaking down why they are so terrible and how most points either aren’t criticisms at all or they are plain wrong.

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The beginning also features «I’ve Lost All Hope In Humanity» as the minute count much like the case with later Bay videos. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III makes a cultural reference to Don King that seems to break Jeremy himself. He starts laughing sincerely that all the sins are removed… Then he starts laughing so maniacally that the sins start multiplying until the sin counter suffers a blue screen of death. Rape or unwanted sexual advances are surefire ways to set the narrator off.

On December 11, 2012, after a few unsuccessful channel attempts, they released «Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spiderman In 2 Minutes Or Less,» which garnered over 250,000 views in the first week partly due to a BuzzFeed post. Since then, they have consistently put out at least 2 «Movie Sins» videos each week, and now work full-time on the channel. In May 2014, Jeremy Scott started the channel CinemaSins Jeremy in which he makes videos detailing his thoughts and criticisms about trends in films and Hollywood news, as well as reviews and unholy mashups. Two other spin-off channels featuring the Everything Wrong With… On May 28, 2014, CinemaSins opened up a spinoff channel called «CinemaSins Jeremy».

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It’s kind of like watching a band that was really at their creative zenith years ago … They can still make decent enough new music but they’re never going back to their prime. These things have an energy of their own and that energy is finite. Star Wars is in its «we’re a band that was great 40 years ago and our new songs are just OK, our last couple of albums kinda sucked to be honest, but we can still sell out arenas most of the time playing our greatest hits collection» phase. And trust and believe, Rey is not the only protagonist portrayed as naïve in this movie. It’s ultimately a film about exposing the weaknesses of the characters before building them up to where they need to be to theoretically defeat the FO.