Dating App UI Design and User flow of Tinder

Dating App UI Design and User flow of Tinder

#1. Geolocation technology. Today, these are the most popular dating apps based on the actual location of users. A great example is Tinder which works using Facebook accounts and in accordance with the geolocation of users, also taking into account search parameters specified by them.

The popularity of this type of dating apps is due to the chance to find your match just near your location.

#2. The matching system . These applications build their work on searching for the «perfect soulmates». A specially designed mechanism selects profiles with similar personal data (for example, the same interests) and offers users candidates, who seem suitable to each other. An example: eHarmony.

For instance, privileged dating services (for those who consider themselves as the «jet-set»)

#3. Mobile versions of classic dating sites . These applications work according to the classical principle and are being chosen by conservative people who do not like changes and prefer a traditional approach to the dating service. A good example is OKCupid.

#4. Selection by the group . These dating apps select groups of certain people connected by some common criterion. Examples: The League (professionally oriented young experts), The Grade (an app focused on women and their comfort in the process of dating)

When starting the dating app development, choose the target audience that seems the most suitable for your purposes. If you.

  1. try to stick to the latest trends, then the best option for you is to build an app like Tinder (the 1st type).
  2. want to offer a dating service that uses advanced matching technologies, choose Type # 2.
  3. prefer traditional ways, we suggest that you create an app # 3.
  4. want to develop more focused social dating apps, we advise you to choose # 4.

But all the same, Tinder’s success deserves more attention. Therefore, we offer you to focus your efforts on how to make an app like Tinder. And for starters, we will discuss such an issue as.

Tinder works on the principle of «mutual likes». Tinder users see the photo of the prospective partner (as well as the name and age) and can choose: to swipe right if they like it, or left if the picture didn’t impress them. If two users have marked each other as good matches, they can start a chat and agree on a meeting. In addition, Tinder allows you to view extra information about a person (by tapping his photo) or swipe up to put your «super like». This is a very simple and clear system, you can use it when making an app much like Tinder.

And now let’s look at the process of user interaction with the Tinder service (that is, the user flow) point by point. We hope this information will help you to find out how to create a dating app of the same type.

#3. Agree with the system’s offer to enable the geolocation feature . This is important for the proper operation of the application.

Its not enough to know how to start a dating app

#4. Study the interface of the application. The photo that you see in the middle of the screen is the page of another Tinder user who is nearby.

#5. Look at the buttons at the bottom of the screen . They will allow you to communicate with other app users.

Do you see how beautiful and laconic these buttons are? They attract additional attention and contribute to increasing the loyalty of users. Be sure to take the time to create a quality interface design, if you decide to develop a dating app of your own.

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