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That means crusts are chewier and blistered to perfection, and usually contain much less sauce per pie. Many pizzas are even made cheese-less, like the napolena, which comes with three types of olives, anchovies, and a handful of spices. The menu includes traditional favorites, like marinara and margherita, as well as pizzas topped with shaved mushrooms, prosciutto, and anchovies, plus a bunch of salads. Open for delivery and takeout, and very limited indoor seating.

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  • Haven’t we all missed ending our nights in a well-worn diner booth and preventing tomorrow’s hangover with a generous helping of greasy griddled food?
  • Like many restaurants during the pandemic, Spago in Beverly Hills was in need of additional outdoor dining space.
  • All of these places are very informal and the area can be a tad sketchy, but there’s definitely some good food to be had here.
  • Out of the many regional Chinese cuisines represented in the San Gabriel Valley, Sichuanese is the one that has seen the largest citywide surge in recent years.
  • For something lighter, try one of their Jamaican-style patties in flavors like Soy Beef, Curry Potato, Spinach and Kale, and Sweet Yam—and make sure you try limited-time offerings like Savory Hibiscus and Apple patties when they appear on the menu.

It has a huge outdoor space which is ideal for brunch or lunch on a beautiful Southern California day. RepubliqueEven though much of the seating is communal, the place is very pricey, easily running over $100 per person (and they add a 4% “health care charge” on top of everything else). All of our dishes down to the dessert were amazing, and the wine pairings were right on. So, reserve this one for a special occasion, but do go, it’s worth it! Be sure to request a private table if you want that though.

Mexican Food In Mid City, Los Angeles, Ca

The Dime is still running and it domaine dambrun ’s still as great as it ever was. If you get here early, you can slip into one of the banquets and avoid the crowds that start coming around 10pm. It isn’t a big place, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in great music. On Fairbanks lawn insider the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, this outdoor cinema calls for big blankets, pillows, and picnic supplies.

Orels French Steakhouse & Bistro

But Hollywood also has some of the best date destinations in the L.A. Area, as long as you know how to avoid some of the insane traffic that can happen… 3rd Street Dance has been offering classes in Salsa, Swing, Tango, and other partner dances seemingly forever. Class prices are reasonable and timed so that you can go after work. Pop into this secret speakeasy hidden in plain sight on La Cienega Blvd behind an unmarked door.

Pick up some cans from one of your favorite local breweries, then snag carne asada and fixins from a local carniceria, a supermarket like Vallarta, or go big with the USDA prime ranchera preparada from La Carniceria. Set up in the backyard, the driveway, a park, or find someone with a pool and just show up; if you bring beer and carne asada, they’ll be happy to see you. And if it happens to be football season, so much the better—throw your grill, some red plastic cups, and maybe a ping-pong ball or two in the back of the car and head to Inglewood, downtown, or the most beautiful stadium in America. Beloved Kosher spot, appreciated for offering excellent quality. Arlington Heights spot, appreciated for offering excellent quality and great value. Go-to Breakfast and Brunch spot, appreciated for offering fair prices and excellent quality.

My Two Cents is a Southern spot, and, as Southern spots sometimes do, they take hospitality really seriously. The people behind the counter shout a welcome to you when you walk in the door, and before you even order, they’ll tell you about the massive case of cakes, pies, and cobblers, or describe the specials written on a chalkboard by the register. They also happen to make one of the best shrimp and grits in the city. Buttery, meaty shrimp pieces bathe in a Creole beurre monte sauce, then are served over a bed of creamy parmesan grits. You’re going to need a little coffee to get through the day. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, a solid coffee shop is as necessary to your neighborhood as the nearest taco stand.

New Orleanss Essential Vietnamese Restaurants

With a subtly smiling mural of Anthony Bourdain on its outside wall, Dono is definitely the sort of place that the late chef would have appreciated. Both the cafe and restaurant menus feature simple, seasonal ingredients with fresh-picked produce and sustainably sourced meats; we like the smoked salmon hash with their rainbow mimosa selection for brunch and the lobster mac and cheese for dinner. Two-Michelin starred chef and native Angeleno Josiah Citrin sought to reflect the bounty of California’s land and sea at his second story terrace restaurant at the Line Hotel, an endeavor we feel confident saying he’s successfully pulled off. Openaire features a greenhouse design with lush plant life throughout and string lights draped across the patios. The seasonal menu reflects the diversity of the city and scoffs at any specific categorization; you’ll find Asian- and Latin-inspired choices rotating alongside traditional main courses, with most dishes intended to be shared. The beverage menu takes similar inspiration, featuring simple herbaceous cocktails and a lengthy wine list.